Want to be a disciple of Jesus? That means you’d have to follow where ever He leads. You will have to drop your ideas about religion to conform to His will for religion. His teachings will challenge you. You’ll see new things, old things, and a fresh look at what you believe He says. Frankly, you have to die to be His disciple. You’ll have to live the way He wants you to live.

Athlete. You’ll need to be an athlete to be His disciple. You have to train and abide by the rules. You’ll Be A Soldier. You’ll be a soldier in His service, under His orders. You’re Like Clay. He will change you into what you are to be as His disciple. You’re A Branch. A disciple is a branch, an extension, of Jesus. You conform to His image. You’ll Be A Child of God. As a disciple of Jesus, you will be God’s child, bearing the name Christian and upholding family values. Member. You’ll be a member of Christ’s church, the church of Christ. Brother’s Keeper. You’ll have to care for your brothers and sisters. Being a disciple is a giving thing.

You’re A Servant. Ready to wash the disciple’s feet? You’ll have to serve others as a disciple. Expect To Be A Stranger and Pilgrim. You’ll be a stranger on earth. It is not your home. Heaven is your home. You are on a journey, a pilgrimage, crossing this earth to your heavenly home. You’re Salt and Light. You’ll be engaged in salvation and preservation efforts (salt), looking to give light to those in darkness. You’re An Apologist. You will be able to provide a reason for your hope of heaven. You’ll Be A Fisher For Men. You’ll have to commit to sharing the gospel with others purposely.

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