You Shall Receive the Gift of the Holy SpiritGarland Van Dyke05/12/2024
What If I Could Prove There’s An AfterlifeGarland Van Dyke04/28/2024
It’s Only Your OpinionGarland Van Dyke04/24/2024
Love of the TruthGarland Van Dyke04/14/2024
 PassoverGarland Van Dyke03/31/2024
Anyone Who Goes Too FarGarland Van Dyke03/24/2024
Is the church of Christ Legit?Garland Van Dyke03/17/2024
Jesus As Salt Of The EarthGarland van Dyke03/10/2024
Salt of the EarthGarland van Dyke03/03/2024
Heaven And EarthGarland van Dyke02/18/2024
Be Sure ToGarland van Dyke01/21/2024
Don’t ForgetGarland van Dyke01/14/2024
Overcoming the WorldGarland van Dyke01/07/2024
The Birth Of Jesus ChristGarland van Dyke12/24/2023
Elementary PrinciplesGarland van Dyke12/17/2023
Peter and the WaterGarland van Dyke12/10/2023
Call Upon the Lord in TruthGarland van Dyke11/19/2023
Total Hereditary DepravityGarland van Dyke10/01/2023
Valley Of Dry BonesGarland van Dyke09/24/2023
ActionGarland van Dyke09/24/2023
Truth! Or Do All Roads Lead To Heaven?Garland van Dyke08/27/2023
The Lord, Spirit, Grace and AmenGarland van Dyke08/13/2023
3 Men Who Never DiedGarland van Dyke08/06/2023
Led by the SpiritGarland van Dyke07/16/2023
If Anyone Serves MeGarland van Dyke07/09/2023
Pride, Destroyer of Nations and PeopleGarland van Dyke07/02/2023
All of Us And AbrahamGarland van Dyke
Training the ConscienceGarland van Dyke06/04/2023
Singing!Garland van Dyke05/21/2023
In the Beginning There Were MomsGarland van Dyke05/14/2023
Facing Your Spiritual Giants Part 2Garland van Dyke04/30/2023
Facing Your Spiritual Giants Part 1Garland van Dyke04/23/2023
What It Means to be a ChristianSteve Harper04/19/2023
Excelling Still MoreSteve Harper04/18/2023
SecuritySteve Harper04/17/2023
Don’t Be JudgeyGarland van Dyke04/16/2023
Brings Someone to JesusSteve Harper04/16/2023
Faith In ActionSteve Harper04/16/2023
Successful EvangelismSteve Harper04/16/2023
God Is MercifulGarland van Dyke04/09/2023
Time for A ChangeGarland van Dyke04/02/2023
How It All Got StartedGarland van Dyke03/26/2023
To What Are You CalledGarland van Dyke02/26/2023
Don’t Be JudgeyGarland van Dyke01/29/2023
Hold FastGarland van Dyke01/28/2023
God is MercifulGarland van Dyke01/22/2023
Jealousy, Envy, SelfishnessGarland van Dyke11/13/2022
Live as You Are LovedGarland van Dyke10/30/2022
Why Did Jesus Build His ChurchGarland van Dyke10/23/2022
PeaceGarland van Dyke10/16/2022
You’ll Have To Change Your LifeGarland van Dyke10/09/2022
You’ll Have To Change Your MindGarland van Dyke10/03/2022
Do You Really Want To Go To HeavenGarland van Dyke09/25/2022
Jesus! Right Here! Here Right Now!Garland van Dyke09/18/2022
Let’s EIS ThisGarland van Dyke09/11/2022
Saved to Serve Part 3Garland van Dyke09/04/2022
Saved to Serve Part 2Garland van Dyke08/28/2022
God’s Word Changes LivesGarland van Dyke08/07/2022
God’s Incredible FaithfulnessGarland van Dyke08/07/2022
When For Deeper Faith I SeekGarland van Dyke07/24/2022
Proper Dress for LadiesGarland van Dyke07/10/2022
Do You Want to be God’s Friend?Garland van Dyke06/26/2022
So, It’s Father’s DayGarland van Dyke06/19/2022
Jesus PowerGarland van Dyke06/12/2022
Let Us Reason TogetherGarland van Dyke06/05/2022
Weep with those who WeepGarland van Dyke05/15/2022
The Way of SalvationGarland van Dyke05/09/2022

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