People are interested in Ghosts. Indeed, they spend time researching, locating, seeing, or somehow “feeling” them. But what does the Bible say about ghosts? The Bible is the only natural resource for spiritual questions. And spirits are spiritual. Right? Read on to see the answer.

Are there ghosts on earth right now? The Bible teaches that one’s spirit goes to Hades after death, Luke 16:22-23. Jesus told a story about two men, one wealthy and the other in extreme need. 

The poor man named Lazarus went to Hades after his death, and the rich man (he was somewhat of an antagonist to Lazarus) also went there. However, reading the passage shows the rich man in torment while Lazarus rests in Abraham’s bosom. 

In Hades, there is a place of comfort and a place of torment. But no soul ever returns to earth – there is no possibility ghosts are around us. Ecclesiastes 12:7 states our bodies return to the dust of the earth while the spirit returns to God who made it. No ghosts. No spirits.

What about death? Everyone meets the end of their time on earth. That’s obvious. The Bible states all of us are appointed to die, Hebrews 9:27. And, after death, one meets their judgment. One will know his eternal place by where his soul (spirit) resides. 

If one has followed Jesus as He commanded, he goes to   Paradise – Jesus told one of the thieves on the cross he would be in Paradise with Him on that day of death. If one has not followed Jesus, he goes to torment. 

Torment is described as a lake of burning fire; Luke 16:24 shows the rich man in flames. He’s tormented and wants Lazarus to come to drop a bit of water on his tongue. Abraham replies, saying a great chasm exists between torment and Paradise, and one cannot go from one place to the other, Luke 16:26. Neither can one go back and warn relatives of the truth concerning God and judgment, Luke 16:31.

OK, so what is this place called torment? According to Matthew 25:41, Jesus judges everyone. Again, one may be cast into torment or share Paradise. Those who come to torment are in eternal fire. The fire never goes out. All who enter there join the devil and his angels, Revelation 20:10. The Bible even declares who is cast into the fire, Revelation 21:8.

There are no time-outs, no breaks, and lunch periods of relief. No supper, no breakfast. There’s only an eternal flame that engulfs one’s entire spirit. Have you ever been burned? You know how painful that is. I cannot imagine a soul in hell. What indescribable torment!

Now, there is a book called the Book of Life, and it contains all the names of those to be admitted to heaven. If your name is not in the book, you are cast (as in thrown) into the burning pit of hell, Revelation 20:15. Reading Mark 9:43-48 gives clear instructions on avoiding suffering and avoiding hell. It’s well worth serious consideration.

What about Paradise? Did you know Jesus went to Hades after His death? Acts 2:31. But, He went to the  Paradise side of Hades. And, as He stated, He would be there for three days, and on the third day, His spirit would return to His body, resurrected, Acts 2:32, to complete His mission of saving a lost people, 1 Timothy 1:15. 

Paradise in the Bible is a beautiful place of comfort and rest from all one’s labor. One will be in Jesus’ presence, and that’s what every Christian wants.

Ghosts? No chance. Everyone who claims to see or “feel” ghosts is lying or putting on a show. It may seem like they’re aware of spirits, but the Bible says something completely different. Which would you reasonably believe? A ghost seer or the Bible?

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