Heaven for Everybody?

Who’s going to be lost? Second Thessalonians 1:8-9 tells us those who do not know God nor obey the gospel pay the penalty of eternal destruction away from the Lord. Then, Matthew 7:13, where Jesus states that the way to destruction is broad and many enter therein. Jesus also says, in Matthew 25:44-46, that people who do not love others nor provide for the needy go away into eternal punishment. Finally, 1 Timothy 6:9 states those who want to get rich fall into a snare, and many foolish and harmful desires plunge men into ruin and destruction. As a result, many people reside in hell at the end of time.

Wait, I’m a good person! Many good, upright, moral people will not enter heaven. Retake a look at 2 Thessalonians 1:8. God’s retribution comes to those who do not obey the gospel. The gospel, the good news of salvation through Jesus, must be followed. God has a plan for everyone’s salvation, but each individual must choose to do as He says. God offers, but man must accept the plan of what God says to do for salvation. God has a part, and man has a part in salvation. See the article, 10 Things to Know about Salvation, http://matthewsstreetchurchofchrist.com/10-things-to-know-salvation/.

But we did good, religious things. According to Jesus, Matthew 7:21-23, Only those doing the will of God see salvation. All others see hell. Even if one does many things in the religious realm, one can still be lost if he devises his way or commits iniquity along with his good deeds. Jesus states He never knew such people. God’s plan for “religion” is His plan, and man must follow. It is not up to man to decide the ordinances of religion. There can be no changes, additions, or deletions from His word. As well, good deeds and sin do not mix. Then again, good deeds alone does not allow salvation. No one can put God in debt. Do the will of the Father and be saved. Obey the gospel.

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