Jesus as Master

He is Lord! Jesus asks that question to His disciples in Luke 6:46. He states it’s no good claiming Him as Lord if one doesn’t obey Him. Jesus genuinely has to be the Lord of the heart, or He’s no Lord at all. You know, one can do many things, but that doesn’t mean acceptance. One’s righteousness makes all the difference to Jesus. Like Paul said in 1 Corinthians 13:1-3, if one could speak all the languages of the earth if he had the gift of prophecy if he possessed all knowledge if one gave everything to the poor or even sacrificed his body, but he doesn’t have love, then all the gifts were worthless. So, Jesus has to be the master of the heart of anyone who claims to be a Christian.

Wait, Lord, didn’t we do good things? Sure, one can say he cast out demons or performed miracles, or prophesied; however, only those that do what God wants will enter the kingdom of heaven, Matthew 7:21-23. Not honoring the Lord with abilities one possesses makes no difference when facing judgment unless he has love in his heart and obedience in his heart for the Lord. We must do godly things in godly ways. One can’t say he’s a Christian and devise his way of living before the Father. Jesus called that iniquity, and that kind of sin admits one to hell. We must do what Jesus wants in the way He wants it done to call Him Lord of our lives honestly.

What does “Lord” mean, anyway? According to Thayer’s Bible Dictionary, “lord” means one is the owner, has control of a person, he is the master. To be owned by Jesus can be a challenging thought. A person might, for example, want to entertain himself; however, if there’s the Lord’s work to be done, then what should he do? What if there is a sinful activity he enjoys? Can he call Jesus Lord if he doesn’t want to change? You see, Christianity is an all-or-nothing thing. Is anyone of us perfect? No, but are we trying to please the Lord from our heart? That’s the important thing, to obey from one’s heart.

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