Lesson #1

The Old Testament: John Hurt Bible Correspondence Course

    Which came first?

    Q1. Which came first?

    Q2. Which came first?

    Q3. Which came first?

    Q4. Which came first?

    Q5. Which came first?

    Q6. Which came first?

    Q7. Which came first?

    Q8. Which came first?

    Q9. Which came first?

    Q10. Which came first?

    Name The Twos:

    Q11. The first 2 kings of Israel:


    Q12. Two sons of Abraham were:


    Q13. The first 2 sons of Adam:


    Q14. The 2 sons of Isaac:


    Q15. The 2 tribes that remained in the Southern Kingdom:


    True-False (T or F)

    Q16. Abraham once lived in the city of Ur?

    Q17. King David reigned in about 1,000 B.C.?

    Q18. Moses became the leader of the Israelites after Joshua died?

    Q19. God greatly desired that the Israelites have a King?

    Q20. Out of the multitudes on the earth only 8 people were saved in the Ark when the flood came?

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