Lesson #2

The New Testament – John Hurt Bible Correspondence Course

    List The Number

    Q1. The number of New Testament books:

    Q2. The number of books written by Luke:

    Q3. The number of books definitely known to have been written by Paul:

    Q4. The date of the translation of the King James version:

    Q5. The number of scholars who made this translation:

    True-False (T or F)

    Q6. Since the Bible was written by men, parts of it are not correct?:

    Q7. The destruction of Babylon has taken place just as Isaiah prophesied?:

    Q8. Moses lived about 400 B.C.?:

    Q9. Our modern sea lanes were discovered through reading the Bible?:

    Q10. The scattering of the Jews throughout the world is the fulfillment of prophecy?:

    Q11. John the Baptist wrote three books of the New Testament?:

    Q12. If an angel preached a new gospel to us, we should accept it?:

    Q13. Peter was a married man?:

    Q14. Peter wrote more of the New Testament than any other writer?:

    Q15. To reject the teachings of the Bible is to reject God?:

    Fill in the Blanks

    Q16. The New Testament was first written in the language.

    Q17. was a physician and fellow worker with Paul.

    Q18. The "book of conversions" is

    Q19. "All scripture is given by of God ...

    Q20. was a tax collector before becoming a disciple.

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