Lesson #3

Rightly Dividing the Word – John Hurt Bible Correspondence Course

    Multiple Choice

    Q1. There are ___ books in the Bible.

    Q2. The New Testament contains ___ books.

    Q3. The Bible was written by about ___ authors.

    Q4. "Testament" means:

    Q5. The Old Covenant was to ____________.

    Q6. The Sabbath was the ____________ day of the week.

    Q7. ____________ was not commanded until after the cross.

    Q8. The New Testament Age began at Christ's ____________.

    Q9. Moses received the Ten Commandments on ____________.

    Q10. The thief on the cross lived under ____________.

    Old or New Testament (OT or NT):

    Q11. Under this covenant animal sacrifices were offered.

    Q12. The second covenant.

    Q13. The "law" made known through Moses on Mt. Sinai.

    Q14. The disciples meeting "upon the first day of the week" is found here.

    Q15. The covenant we are under today.

    Name the Scripture:

    Q16. “. . . ye also are become DEAD TO THE LAW by the body of Christ . . .”

    Q17. “For if THE FIRST COVENANT had been faultless, then should no place have been sought for THE SECOND.”

    Q18. “For a testament is of force AFTER MEN ARE DEAD . . .”

    Q19. “But if ye be led of the Spirit, YE ARE NOT UNDER THE LAW.”

    Q20. “. . . the gospel of Christ: . . . is THE power of God unto salvation . . . “

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