Miraculous Healings

It’s Supernatural!

Many believe that miraculous healings, as shown in the Bible, are available today. They believe their loved ones are supernaturally healed. For example, people come out of comas after a long time of healing, and it’s stated that a miracle has occurred. The lame supposedly has arms or legs extended. Hearing or sight is restored. We see TV and pulpit evangelists touting that miraculous powers are available to every Christian today. Yet, no one ever seems to be able to perform a true miracle in public viewing. Furthermore, no one today conducts tested supernatural healings with evidence. Indeed, no one in our age completes the most remarkable healing of raising someone from the dead.

The Purpose of Miracles

The Purpose of Miracles was to show that God approved the messenger and the proclaimed gospel message. The apostles could do miracles. Those whom the apostles laid their hands on could do miracles. However, not all people who could do miracles were gifted with the ability to do all the miracles. Some had the gift of prophecy, and others had the gift of tongues.

Of course, Jesus performed miracles. In John 10:38, NASB, Jesus told the Jews to believe in Him through the miracles He performed. Some did. Many didn’t. And many didn’t think He was God’s Son because they didn’t want to.

The New Testament’s signs, miracles, and wonders had an expiration date. First Corinthians 13:8-13, NASB, and Ephesians 4:11-15, NASB shows that the age of miracles would cease when the New Testament was completed. We’ve had the complete Bible, Old Testament, and New Testament for centuries. The Word has been confirmed. So then, there is no need today to prove the messenger spoke the truth when delivering the gospel message. The Bible does that.

No Miracles Today? Folks today assert that God gave them the power to perform healing miracles. Every Christian should have that power today, then. We know this isn’t true. No one would be in hospitals if the neighborhood Christians performed healing miracles. Cemeteries? Would there be any deaths if the selected folks could perform healings? In the light of Romans 2:11, NASB, why can Fred do miracles, but I can’t? No, my friend, the day of miracles ceased when the persons exercising gifts by the laying on of the apostle’s hands died. All of these died circa 150 AD.

Jesus performed 26 miracles of healing, shown in the gospels. While wondrously beneficial and glorifying the Father, all those healings were used to prove He is the Son of God, John 10:38, NASB. Matthew 17:5, NASB, tells us that the Father of Life instructed the apostles attending to Jesus’ transformation to listen to His Son. Hebrews 2:3-4, NASB provides evidence that Jesus’ miracles proved He is truly God’s Son and that the gospel message is from God. Miracles were an aid to help folks believe God’s message of salvation. Miracles were not the focus of the apostles’ ministry. Saving people with the gospel was foremost and still is today.

Jesus has ascended, Acts 1: 6-11, NASB, and all the people who performed miracles passed centuries ago. We now have the Word, the Bible, to show that Jesus and the gospel message are from God.  ~Garland Van Dyke.

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