Who doesn’t have needs? Everyone needs food, shelter, and clothing. Can we live without food? Obviously, not. Can we live without shelter? Again, no. And I don’t want to see anyone without clothing – a dreadful thought. The Lord promised fulfillment of these to those who first seek His kingdom. We understand our Father is the perfect Father. No one is greater, powerful, or more loving than our heavenly Father.


“I need a fishing boat,” one may say, but will he die if he doesn’t get it? Of course not. That’s the thing. We often feel a “need” for something that’s really a desire. The key is that if I don’t get a particular item, will l forfeit my life?

There’s a great list of things we desire, TVs, cell phones, cars, extra-nice houses – this list could go on and on. It all boils down to the biblical concept, for the lust of the flesh, the eyes, and the pride of life, 1 John 2:16. If we desire heaven, we can’t afford to get wrapped up in the baubles of life. That’s the devil’s way, and he’s a dangerous tempter.

Material – We’ve mentioned material things. But we must understand God feeds His creation as to actual needs. Acts 14:16-17 has it that our Father gives rain and crops for all to enjoy. It is of greater importance to understand our Father will not let His children, those who have followed His terms for salvation, go hungry, naked, or without shelter.

Love – We also need connections with others. We need love, friends, and people with whom we can share life. God provides for this, of course. God has designed marriage for men and women. One man, married to one woman, is His command for life. The current one man, and one man, arrangement is sinful. One woman with another woman is immoral. Society doesn’t get to decide what’s appropriate; only God can do that.

Ephesians 5:22-33 speaks to the love between man and wife. She respects her husband, and he gives his life for her, expending his energy and labor to sustain his family.

Ecclesiastes 4:10 states friends can help each other. When one falls, the other helps him up. And for Christians, Romans 12:10 has it we to love one another, honoring others above ourselves.

Mental – The Bible has many references to the mental aspects of man. In Romans 12:2, we are to change our mind, not shaping it to the way of the world, but the practice of God. Those in Christ are to have the same mind as Jesus, sacrificing their own needs for the sake of others, Philippians 2:5.

Spiritual – The most significant need, however, is of the spirit. We are foremost spiritual beings inside a body. We are made in His likeness, and God is spirit. Therefore, we, too, are spirits, but for a time we wear this body.

It is true; there will one day be a judgment of all who ever lived. Some will enter heaven, and others will be cast into hell. Our spirits are judged according to our earthly choices. If we choose the way of Satan, we will be with him eternally in a burning lake of fire. If we choose Jesus, living righteously in Him, we will be with Him eternally. And the choice is genuinely our own. We choose salvation, or we choose spiritual death.

But God doesn’t want anyone in hell. He wants all men everywhere to repent. Everyone has sinned or will, and sin means death, Romans 6:23. But God offers eternal life through His Son, Jesus. Jesus gave His life to answer God’s call for punishment of the wicked. We then must accept Jesus as Lord and Christ – the King and Savior. Thereby we must do as He commands.


1. We must believe Jesus’ promises of eternal life, Romans 10:17, and we must know the outcome of not choosing Him for salvation.

2. We must repent of our sins, sorrowful unto God for sins we committed. We must stop living for the world and begin living for Jesus.

3. We must publicly confess our belief Jesus is Lord and Savior, Romans 10:9-11.

4. We must be baptized to wash away our sins. The apostle Paul had to, Acts 22:16. And the apostle Peter says baptism saves us. 1 Peter 3:21. Jesus commanded so, Mark 16:16.

5. We must live righteously, living for and obeying the commandments of our Lord.


God supplies all our needs, materially, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. It’s the best way to live – it’s the only way to live, trusting our Lord for everything.

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