Everyone uses reasoning. We all figure things out, from babies to the oldest, barring some brain issues. We’re so good at reasoning that we often do things without thinking. Putting on clothing can be automatic, brushing teeth, etc. Our routine activities are so ingrained we do them without thinking. But, when it comes to thinking about higher-order things, we must slow down and use our brains to think them through.

As if we’re studying for an exam, we sit and look at all the pertinent info and slowly come to a decision. We do this with our money, our family and friends, and church things. In Bible things, we ponder the words, put all the scriptures together, and arrive at a correct Bible answer.

But many folks don’t consider God’s word at all. I’ve asked several people for a personal Bible study, and no one has yet accepted my offer. Their minds are already made up, or they don’t want to see what God has in store for them. When I was younger, folks talked with me about my soul, my salvation, and eternity. They showed me many Bible passages and gave proof of the words they were saying. And, when I was convinced of the truth relating to my spiritual condition, I submitted to baptism to wash my sins away.

Reasoning is necessary for Bible matters. It takes a while to study the scriptures to arrive at a correct conclusion. Since God has communicated to us, Romans 10:17, NLT, Hebrews 1:1-2, NLT, it’s best to understand what He said. Commentaries and dictionaries can be helpful in our study, but they’re not the final answer. We all must see the truth for ourselves. It’s what God wants, John 3:16, NLT. God, Himself says He wants to reason together; Isaiah 1:18a, NKJV, states this. Then again, all scripture is given by God, 2 Timothy 3:16, NLT, and it’s the accurate word of God. Thereby, it teaches us the truth, makes us realize what is wrong in our lives, corrects us, and teaches us to do what is right. In this, we are speaking of the accurate word of God, expressed in the Old and New Testaments. This is the Bible. God gives no other Scriptures. Don’t be fooled by man’s foolery!

People have preconceived ideas about the Bible. Some of the older preachers wanted a way to fill the pews. They wanted a way to make salvation easier for church folks. They began teaching errors telling others to “just believe, and you’ll be saved.” But that’s not what God said.

Then again, some preachers told folks that only certain people would be saved and everyone else damned to hell. God never said this.

Erroneous teaching has been going on since the first century, shortly after our Lord’s resurrection.  Through the years, influential people have swayed people to their thoughts. The papal system is found nowhere in scripture! Martin Luther tried to correct the Catholic church. Instead, people began to follow his teaching. It wasn’t God’s teaching they followed; it was man’s teaching. John Calvin has cost innumerable souls, to be lost. Throughout the centuries, a long list of mistaken men and women has led people astray.

It’s challenging to correct the incorrect doctrines of men in the minds of our friends. People have these mistaken ideas about what others have taught them. They’ve learned a wrong message from fallible men. It takes patience, love, and reasoning to get these to the truth. It takes an objective, open heart to receive the truth of God’s word.

It takes an open heart to get people to the truth. It’s like the parable of the Sower, Mark 4:10-20, NLT. Jesus explained that some hear God’s message, but the devil comes along and snatches it away. Others were glad to get the news but soon were concerned with worldly things and left God’s word. Still, others accepted the truth but soon gave it up as they had difficulties with Christianity. Then, there was the last group of people our Lord spoke of. They had open hearts and minds and accepted God’s objective truth. These people produced God’s fruits within themselves and others.

There are only two categories of people. Some accept the truth, John 17:17, NLT, and some don’t. One group is headed for heaven, and the other is bound for hell. There’s no gray area in salvation, no gray area about what God said about this. The salvation of the soul is the most critical aspect of life. Miss salvation, and you’ve lost all opportunity of heaven. Hell is no place to be. It’s a burning lake of fire. Our ability to reason this out is crucial!

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