Your Soul Is Waiting

Hey friend, did you know your soul is the fundamental, objective you? It’s who you are as a person. God created you, you know, and your soul is like God’s soul – it’s a spirit. That’s right; your soul is a spirit. It’s the only kind of ghost there is. But your soul doesn’t hang around after you pass. You go back to God, the One who created you.

But while you’re on earth, your soul is waiting for you to do some essential things. Now, since your soul is you, you wouldn’t do something crazy like purposefully injure yourself. That makes no sense at all. It is a fact that your soul is waiting for you to do good, but it’s super hungry.

Your soul is starving, waiting for you to feed it. It needs nourishment; since your soul is spirit, it requires spiritual food. Now, you can try all the eastern thoughts and religions, human institutions and philosophies, but eventually, you’ll see that’s not where it’s at. You’ll come to recognize that you need God. Your spirit needs God. Your soul requires a special diet and can only be fed from the Bible.

So, to feed your soul the nourishment it needs, you need to know who God is; Exodus 34:6, NASB, is an excellent verse for this. You’ll also need to know Jesus. He is God, just as God the Father is God. Jesus came from heaven, being born to a virgin, to save man from himself, John 3:16, NASB. Jesus is God the Father’s only earth-born Son. You need to know that Jesus lived a perfect, sinless life. He spoke God’s message of salvation; He did many wondrous deeds, like raising people from the dead. Eventually, the Jewish leadership grew to be Jealous and envious of Him. So, they put Him to death with the help of the Romans. Jesus was crucified and buried in a rock tomb, but he rose to life on the third day (just as He said would happen).

After He arose, Jesus told His disciples to go out into the world and preach, make disciples, and baptize them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Matthew 28:19. He told them to wait in Jerusalem until power from God came upon them. Jesus then ascended into the skies, and He is now sitting at the right hand of God, ruling everything in the universe. Soon after Jesus ascended, the Holy Spirit came upon each apostle. They received power from God to do miraculous things – proving they were messengers sent from God.

The thing is that people sin. They go against what God says is good for them. The more we sin, the more our soul starves. And if we sin without receiving forgiveness, we’ll eventually die, meaning our soul is eternally separated from God in hell– a place of horrible torment. To be clear, our souls will go to hell and suffer great torment if we do not accept God’s plan of salvation. It should be evident that we need Jesus to save us from Hell. Fortunately, Jesus overcame death, the penalty for sin, and He offers eternal life to all who follow His way of life.

Before returning to heaven, Jesus told His disciples He would one day return and collect all genuine Christians to Himself, taking them to a home in heaven to live there eternally.

Your soul needs this information. It’s found only in the Bible. The Bible teaches everyone how to be with God, become Jesus’ disciples, and get home to heaven. The Bible teaches us how to live for Jesus in our everyday life. This is the diet your soul desperately needs; without this spiritual food, you’ll eventually starve and end up in the trash bin of life.

The Bible. All this is in the New Testament. Read the gospels, the book of Acts, and the epistles. It’s all food for your inner person, soul, and heaven.

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